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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Tween Sweethearts: Inexpensive yet Meaningful Preteen Valentine Presents

Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers to celebrate each other, and show feelings of affection. While a tween couple’s feelings are mainly considered to be “puppy love”, it is still a big deal to find that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Here are some fun and reasonable presents that tween sweethearts can give each other without going overboard on price or the amount of affection that is presented through the gift.

Gift Ideas for Tween Boys to Give to a Girl

A tween boy is more than likely unsure of just what type of gift to give to his girlfriend. He doesn’t want something that is too “gushy” or anything that is overly expensive. He will also probably want something that is cool, and won’t get him in trouble with his peers for fear of being too sentimental. Here are few ideas.

  • Small box of chocolates (a Whitman’s sampler or similar)
  • Conversation heart candy
  • Small stuffed animal
  • Single rose
  • Jewelry from a discount store
  • T-shirt
  • Card (either bought or homemade)
  • Book
  • MP3 download certificate

These gifts won’t break a tween boy’s bank, and they are heartfelt gifts that a girl can really enjoy. Perhaps an invitation to dinner with the family can really top the night off this Valentine’s Day. At this age, a trip to McDonald’s, and sitting in separate seats from parents can be a good idea.

Gift Ideas for Tween Girls to Give to a Boy

Girls are generally more sentimental than boys, so it is important to help a tween girl pick up something appropriate for her boyfriend. Boys are not really into poems and stuffed animals, but one might be surprised at how much of a hit a box of candy can make. Here are some additional Valentine’s gift ideas to boys from girls.

  • MP3 download certificate
  • Sports trading cards
  • Homemade cookies or cupcakes
  • Framed picture of the tween girl
  • T-shirt
  • Dog tag necklace
  • Game
  • Movie DVD

These gift ideas are relatively inexpensive, but make giving a gift fun and meaningful. Tween boys aren’t expecting a new iPod or the hottest pair of skater shoes around. It’s just nice to be thought of and remembered on this special holiday.

Not many can argue that young love is downright adorable. Being a tween boy or girl with a sweetheart is exciting, so Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday even with young kids. Make sure a tween keeps the gift reasonable and age-appropriate. This is a great time in a tween’s life, so enjoy the memories while they last.

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