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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her: Unique Presents to Delight Your Sweetheart

Need to make a big statement this Valentine’s Day but feel that roses, teddies, candies and jewelry are too common for the one you love? Try presenting her with something unusual and unique to mark this year’s Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to try out.

Taking to the Sky

If money is no object, surprise your sweetheart with a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter ride over your favorite city, a silent flight in a glider or a romantic dinner at a revolving restaurant. The breathtaking views from the sky, the excellent company and the feeling of being so highly appreciated will melt her heart for sure.

Makeover and Photo Shoot

This is an ideal gift for the girl who has yearned to have professional portraits taken. Sign up for a makeover and photo shoot session and your loved one will be given a completely new glamorous look by professional make-up artists and hair stylists. Once she’s satisfied with her hair, make-up and clothes, a photographer will take several shots of her. She will feel like a supermodel! The beautiful photos will be treasures she’ll cherish forever.

Facial and Spa Treatment

Pamper your girl and yourself with a special facial and spa treatment for couples. Many resorts and spa centers will definitely have couple specials during the Valentine’s Day week. This is a particularly thoughtful gift for those who’ve worked very hard and need to unwind, relax and be pampered by skilled therapists. The bliss and indulgence will rejuvenate your body, mind, spirit and love life.

Home Entertainment

If you have no wish to burn a big hole in your pocket, why not try creating some exciting moments in the privacy of your home? On Valentine’s Day, go home earlier and leave a trail of clues, ideally written on heart-shaped paper, around the house for her to find the final gift. Include some romantic or sexy messages on the notes too. That way, when she finds the final gift – preferably you looking your very best (use your wild imagination to achieve that) – she will be all geared up for whatever action awaits her!

Memory Poster

Die-hard romantics and those big on sentimentalism will love this. It doesn’t cost much at all but it does take some effort. Get a big cardboard and cut it into a giant heart shape. Then stick movie or concert ticket stubs, candy wrappers, postcards, photos or anything that means something to both of you on the cardboard. Try arranging these items in heart shapes and have the memory poster laminated too if possible. This romantic home-made gift of little reminders of time spent together will have more value than a costly dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Website for Her

Create a website especially for your sweetheart. Upload photos and other highlights of your lives together on the website. To make the website even more unique, buy the domain name of her full name or pet name if it’s available. Make sure the website is up and running by Valentine’s Day. On that day, with the computer on and her by your side, casually ask if she’s ever wondered whether her name is already taken as a domain name. Get her to type and check on the Internet. The surprise and delight she shows will be priceless and certainly worth the trouble.

Some of these ideas are costly while others very affordable. Whatever the choice is, remember it’s the thought that counts most. She will love it as long as you put your heart and soul into it.

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