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Valentine’s Day Flowers: More Than Roses

Roses may be the most commonly given flower on Valentine’s Day, but there are far more options than the traditional bouquet. Whether it’s a combination of roses with other flowers or something entirely different, there are no limits to the imaginative ways you can communicate your love for your sweetheart.

Roses With Other Flowers

Combining the familiar red rose with different colors is an easy way to spice up a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. Calyx Flowers offers an arrangement placing three roses in the center of a ring of purple lavender underscored by green salal leaves. It’s also accented by English lavender sprays, with a pink bow around the box adding a touch of familiarity to this less than traditional arrangement.

The floral boxes offered by Olive & Cocoa feature even more unusual combinations. The Fiore arrangement combines red and apricot roses with eggplant dahlias and peach hypercium berries, while the Vivienne box combines these same flowers with copper eucalyptus and safari sunset on a bed of moss for an effect that resembles a miniature garden.

The sole potted arrangement in Olive & Cocoa’s Valentine’s Day offerings moves even farther away from the usual red and pink color schemes. The Bella Sera arrangement incorporates red roses, but also includes magnolia leaves, smokebush, and kangaroo paw in an effort to evoke the atmosphere of sunset.

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Orchids

If you decide you’d rather forgo roses entirely, orchids are a visually striking alternative. The arrangement offered by Pro Flowers maintains the familiar Valentine’s Day color scheme with some additional accents, with pink orchids whose blooms contain purple and white spirals. The orchids stand by themselves in a terra cotta pot.

The Double Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid Garden, from Calyx Flowers, features a similar design, but its orchids have petals of a darker hue, making it a slightly less conventional arrangement. The orchids are situated in either a white pot or a woven wicker basket.

The Calypso Orchid arrangement is far more visually striking. It features three different shades within its arrangement: green, hot pink, and grape, contained in a green glass vase. The bright, evocative colors make it stand out from the usual red and soft pink arrangements.

Give Your Sweetheart Tulips

The variety of colors available with tulips means it’s possible to create arrangements ranging from traditional to innovative. On the more traditional end of the scale, 1-800-Flowers sells an arrangement with red, pink, and purple tulips, housed in a ruby red vase. The site describes it as a “modern and meaningful Valentine,” and it maintains familiarity while also possessing a distinctive quality thanks to the purple accents.

Calyx again has a different approach to the tulip arrangement. Their Valentine Tulips Hatbox Bouquet blends red and purple tulips with white and yellow, for a feel evocative of spring. There’s also a Flame Tulip arrangement, with six small-budded red tulips surrounded by six large orange ones, set in a ceramic vase.

Topiaries and Bonsai

There’s also the option of avoiding bouquets altogether in favor of topiaries. 1-800-Flowers offers a gardenia topiary from Martha Stewart’s line, and the subdued combination of white blossoms and green leaves makes it appropriate to many more occasions than just Valentine’s Day.

But the more unusual offering once again comes from Calyx, in the form of a bonsai tree. The I Love You Bonsai sets a miniature tree in a heart-shaped pot. Since the tree bears white blossoms in spring and red berries in fall and winter, it’s suited to display well beyond February 14th.

These are just a small sampling of the many flower arrangements available for Valentine’s Day, and if you feel really creative, you can always try your hand at assembling an arrangement yourself. Either way, these less traditional combinations of flowers are a great way to express your feelings for your Valentine.

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