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Valentines Day Dessert: How to Pick the Right Dish

The largest dilemma of any valentines’ celebration is inevitably food. Even when visiting a restaurant people do not know what to choose. This is especially true when picking the most romantic part of dinner, the dessert. No Valentine’s dinner would be complete without a delicious and tasty treat to capture the intimate mood of two lovers.

To help, here are some simple guidelines for you choose the perfect end to a wonderful meal.

The Basics

The best desserts are often shared between a couple and many restaurants recommend a dessert for two. That way the couple can share their dish in quiet intimacy. Ideally, if you are planning a lean dinner you may wish to finish with a rich dessert, such as dark chocolate or a rich pastry. Conversely couples who have a series of richer dishes should go with something light and simple such as fruit or a sorbet.

Chocolate is still the popular choice for many during Valentines, either as simple chocolate treats or prepared specially. Truffles, mousse, even ice cream give the renowned sweet taste as a perfect end to an evening.

Dinner by Theme

Another method is by preparing dinner based on a theme. If you are serving food from a particular culture such as French or Italian it is best to pick a dessert from that same culture. A dinner with an elegant, high-society theme should be complemented by more artistic desserts though the tastes should be kept simple.

Similar Flavors

If you use certain fruits as seasoning, such as oranges or dates, you can use them in your dessert. Many dinners, especially in five start restaurants, use sweet flavors in their dinners and those are a good start for choosing dessert.

Finger Food

Consider desserts that are fun to share such as grapes, dates, small tarts, and especially strawberries. These are food items that you can share or feed to one another in your intimate setting. A simple bowl full of ripe fruit can easily be the perfect end to a delicious dinner. Avoid a large dessert such as a full cake or anything that serves more than two. Small portions, whether they are lean or rich are much more personal and a good guideline.

The Crucial Detail

Never forget that the truest way to decide on your dessert of choice this Valentine’s Day is your partner. What kind of dessert does he or she like? A simple fondness for chocolate can be the key to opening them up to a new experience through an innovative and exciting chocolate dish. Don’t use too many flavors that might clash or conflict. There is nothing wrong with one or two distinct flavors in your dessert rather than an overwhelming buffet of tastes.

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