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Valentine’s Day Celebrations Just for Friends: The Holiday of Love Isn’t Solely For Romantic Couples Anymore

It’s that time of year again. Boquets of roses are being delivered; couples are showing their love for one another; boxes of chocolates are being passed around; and romance is in the air. Ahhh…yes. It’s the holiday of love known as Valentine’s Day. But who says that Valentine’s Day is only for the romantically involved? How about those that simply want to show a little more love to their friends? Well, look no further.

Below you will find several ways to show a bit of extra love for your friends, both guys and girls. Spread the love!!!

Sweet ToothValentine’s Day couldn’t be complete without the extra helpings of sweet treats. Why not share some holiday love with some friends with these “sweet” ideas?

  • Try personalizing bags of M&Ms for your friends. It’s a great bargain, and your friends will feel more love after reading your personalized messages for them on the bite-sized candies. Place your order for your bag here.
  • Like to bake treats? Why not bake some love-filled cupcakes for your friends? Add decorative candy to the icing or other decorations. Try baking with red velvet cake mix to really get the holiday cheer going.
  • Make a treat bag with an assortment of candy to pass out to your friends. Try using special Valentine’s Day wrapping paper or plastic bags to be a little more festive.

Fun TimesYou don’t need to go out on a romantic date to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Gather a group of your favorite buddies and try some of these fun activities at home.

  • Try your luck at the risque game of “Never Have I…”. Each person playing holds up all 10 fingers and one person at a time will say “Never Have I…” and fill in the blank. Whoever has done the activity must put a finger down and tell about their experience. The person with all their fingers down wins.
  • If you like video games, Nintendo Wii is the way to go. This game system invites groups of friends to challenge one another in a variety of games. Compete against one another in different games and see who is the best.
  • Everyone loves a good movie. Why not spend the holiday watching your favorite movies?
  • Have a secret that you haven’t shared with your friends? Or even a few secrets? How about placing some of secrets in hat with all your friends doing the same. Each person pull out a secret and try to guess which friend holds – or used to hold – that secret.
  • The game of charades has always been a popular game loved by all. Add some love to the game by acting out various romantic films.
  • Have each of your friends pull out those old photo albums and each one of you share some of those embarrassing and adorable baby pictures. See whose looks really have changed for the better or the worst.

These ideas are sure to make the Valentine’s Day holiday seem a little more loving amongst your friends and not just for the romantic couples. You and your friends will feel the love with one another like never before.

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