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Valentine Gifts for Mom: Perfect Presents for the Stay-at-Home Mother

What do you buy someone who does everything? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat the stay-at-home mom in your life to something special. Valentine gifts for mom must – just must – be personal, so no cheating and getting her a vacuum cleaner.

Here are some ideas for unique valentine gifts for mom, wife or friend who is a stay-at-home mother.

Pampering Gift Cards

A gift certificate or gift card for a massage, manicure, pedicure, or facial are perfect for the busy stay-at-home mom of little ones. Or go all out and treat her to an afternoon at a day spa. An added kindness would be to include babysitting, so the day is hers to enjoy, worry-free.

Maid Service for a Month

Your budget may not be able to handle getting a regular weekly cleaning service, but you might be able to swing a month of clean-house heaven. Contact a local maid service or private cleaning professionals about providing a month of cleaning services that don’t require a contract.

Something Fancy

A pair of diamond stud earrings that she’ll only wear once a year, a pair of high heels, a sparkly cocktail dress – she’s unlikely to spend her own money on any of these impractical things, which makes them the perfect gifts for the biggest splurge day of the year.

A Magazine Subscription

Magazines are the biggest bang for the buck. For a relatively low cost, you can give the gift that keeps on arriving in the mailbox for a year or more. Depending on how practical you want your gift to be, Real Simple, Parenting or Cosmopolitan all make great Valentine gifts for her.

Pre-Made Dinners

Take feeding the family off her list of things to do for a week or two. Take over the shopping and cooking for a time, or order pre-made dinners from a meal delivery service, which provides chef-made, gourmet meals for pick-up or delivery.

Something Sentimental

Organize her photographs into a photo album, have a keepsake book made of photographs from a favorite vacation, or put together a shadowbox of some mementos from the past.

Flowers Delivered

A purely frivolous gift, but full of love, getting flowers delivered to the door is vintage Valentine’s Day at its best.

Everyday Kindnesses

What is it she appreciates having done for her? Make up heart-shaped coupons good for “two nights of loading the dishwasher,” “a Saturday of sleeping in,” “a week of laundry” or “a basketful of ironing.”

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