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Unique Presents This Valentine’s Day: Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts That are Customised

It is possible for men to think outside the (cheapest chocolate) box when celebrating Valentine’s Day. Instead of falling back on the default settings like the nearest bunch of roses, why not consider something a little bit more thoughtful to make Valentine’s a more romantic experience for a wife or girlfriend.

Chinese Love Heart Lanterns Glow in the Sky

glow.co.uk is an online retailer that specialises in a myriad of glowing products that can radiate the intimate warmth needed on February 14. Based in the North of England, the company has some great ways to fire love into the sky, like their Chinese Love Heart Lanterns, which have a design of two entwined hearts. Their mysterious glow can be seen climbing for several miles into the night for around 20 minutes and it’s a lot more romantic and biodegradable than a firework! If it is too cold to contemplate that gesture, then their red heart canvas light-up wall (pictured) will do the trick in making a romantic and glittering backdrop to a couple’s cosy night in.

British Heart Foundation’s Red for Heart Campaign

As part of National Heart Month, the British Heart Foundation has launched a range of very affordable products for its Red for Heart campaign. Gifts under £20 include a unique Name a Rose Gift Box, and a personalised edition of the classic novel Pride and Prejudice. Most people know someone with heart disease, so this particular range has a relevance beyond most products in that all purchases will directly help save lives.

Hotel Chocolat Offers Chocolate With a Twist on Valentine’s

Those looking for a sumptuous twist on a traditional route to a lover’s heart can source some seriously quality chocolate by checking in at HotelChocolat.com The company has its own cocoa plant in St Lucia and it is easy to see why this UK product now has global appeal. The Pretty in Pink Goody bag and The Gorgeous Heart have been lovingly made for all legally blondes and ladies of leisure! This is chocolate that is lovingly crafted and presented.

Pink Boutique’s Try Me Boxes

If a man wants to buy his special lady a chocolate looking product without the chocolate, then why not try Pink Boutique’s Try Me boxes which contain top to toe skincare treats made with the finest organic materials. For those who want to indulge in a facial, manicure or pedicure on Valentine’s night, then this green and exotically sourced range stands out from the crowd for its purity and presentation.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for The Rushed Shopper

If you are looking for last minute Valentine Gifts with a bit of a spin, then you can try lastminute.com/site/deals/valentines/product_list.html?CATID=102612 and arttowngifts.com/valentine-day-gifts-s/237.htm. In The UK, retailers on the Duke of York Square, a tranquil shopping centre just off off the busy King’s Road, have pulled together and set up an emergency help line for panicked shoppers.

The commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day can sometimes minimise the effort that goes into what can be found. The above range has a budget for everyone and offers something a little bit more individualised than what can be found in the mall or in a shop window.

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