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Steal a Sagittarian’s Heart on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost the most romantic day of the year–Valentine’s Day! Some tips for all those men who want to win over a Sagittarius! From a Sagittarius herself.

Ah, Valentine’s Day…a day for romance, for love, for hearts and roses and lace-trimmed cards.

In spite of all the sweetness of the holiday, it can sometimes be hectic and nerve-straining for a man to decide exactly what the perfect gift for his sweetheart is.

No one can give better advice on this dilemma other than your heart on this one, guys. However, if your sweetheart is a Sagittarius, then here are some tips on what to get her for Valentine’s Day to win her and her heart over…

Sagittarians are Free-Spirited

If you’ve been dating Sagittarians for long, then this you already know. Sagittatians hate routines that never seem to end, without change. They despise being tied down to the same old, same old.

So it stands to reason that, if you should get your Sagittarius the same old, same old gifts of chocolate, or flowers, or even dinner at the routine diner, your Sagittarius will be slightly disappointed.

In remedy, do something spontaneous, something new! Present your archer sweetheart with a single rose, and then sweep her off her feet to go dancing.

Be crafty in ascertaining when your Sagittarius will be free, and then–seemingly on impulse–call her up and take her out.

Sagittarians are Active Signs

It is a general rule of thumb that Sagittarians love activity. The Archer is a sporty sign. Perhaps not sporty in the sense of sports, but in the sense that they like to do things, rather then just sit down and watch tv.

Taking this into consideration, a three-hour long dinner will probably make your Sagittarian start to itch.

This is not say to rule out a romantic dinner completely. But always include something afterwards–dancing, a movie, skating, a moonlit walk. Give her an outlet for her energy.

Sagittatians are the Travelers of the Zodiac

Most Sagittarians love to travel; it is their epithet in the Zodiac.

If you have the means to, your Sagittarian will love you more than anything if you sweep her away on a trip. The trip doesn’t have to be expensive or long–a Sagittarian will love to go on a one-day car trip just as much as she will love to go on a two-week cruise.

Sagittarians love life and those they spend it with

But you need not worry if you’re only getting your Sagittarian a bouquet, or taking her out to dinner. Sagittarians love life, and those whom they live life with. Your Sagittarius will be grateful for whatever you do for her.

Treasure your Sagittarius, and she’ll treasure you!

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