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St Valentine’s Day With a Difference: Saint Valentine’s Day Alternative Things to do.

St Valentine’sDay is fast approaching and while there are many traditional and romantic ways to celebrate this day for lovers of all ages like giving a dozen red roses to the love of your life. Presenting her with a box of expensive handmade chocolates, preparing an extra special meal for him or dining at an exclusive and expensive restaurant, enjoying a live play with a slap up meal afterwards, there are other and different ways to mark this special day.

Many people have moments of nostalgia and a reflective longing to revisit old haunts and places that have a special memory or attachment. A different treat is to re-visit a partner’s ‘special places’, this may as simple as visiting the house where he or she was born and spent their childhood, there are lots of ways to spend a different St Valentine’s Day.

Visits to Special Places

This may take a little organising and perhaps involve some travel but it will be worth it for the pleasure it will bring to your loved one.

Home Visit

Simply to sit in the car outside the house where your partner was born and grew up is a nostalgic treat to remember. Take along any photographs of the house and neighbourhood with your partner in them. Ask him or her to recall memories of family and friends like birthdays, Christmases past, anniversaries, pets and the moving-out day.

School Visit

Likewise arrange a visit to his or her infants, junior or secondary school(s). If possible get the head to agree to an on-site visit to classrooms, gyms, playing grounds and even view registers of attendance and log books of the time your partner was at the school. Again take along some photographs, school reports and certificates of attendance and the like. It will also be fun to record the day’s events in both words and pictures and don’t forget to send a copy of them to the school.

Photo Books

Photo books are all the rage these days and can be made at any photography shop and on line at various sites.

Compile a collection of photographs of significant events in the lives of both of you. Join a site likeKodak or Flickr to upload the photographs and then bring together the photographs in a personalised photo book. Better still add captions or comments to the photos to really bring the memories alive.

It is possible to do the same with a carefully thought out and crafted scrapbook, a kind of “This is Your Life’ in miniature.

It’s Nice to go Travelling

Yes it is nice to go travelling but when time and money don’t allow either to travel very far it is still possible to visit the world because the world is often waiting on the doorstep. How?

Well every town and city has a plethora of restaurants that serve ‘ethnic’ meals, so travel the world at a local eatery or for a more extensive trip take starters at one restaurant, main course at another and finish off with dessert at another – a real world tour of cuisines and tastes.

Or simply go for the most exotic and different meal? Italian, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese restaurants are thick on the ground and offer a taste of ethnic cooking and soupcon of exotic living to boot.

Charity Giving

Giving to a charity or your favourite cause shows not only a love for that special person but also a love of humanity. Giving to a reputable charity will ensure that the contribution goes to where it is needed. Many local charties exist too that perform daily works of good for the local population.

The Simple Life

None of the above appeal? There is nothing wrong with spending St Valentine’s night cuddling up on the sofa with a glass or two of wine, some fine chocolates watching a romantic movie. Some suggestions are Love Actually; the old weepy Love Story; Brief Encounter; It’s a Wonderful Life; and any old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie. All of which are guaranteed to keep the flame of love burning.

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