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Rose Color Meanings for Valentine’s Day: When Buying Roses for Your Valentine, You Have More Options than Red

For Valentine’s Day, a day for love and romance, it is not surprising that most people choose red roses, which represent romantic love and passion, for their sweethearts. However, bouquets of red roses have become so common on this date, that they are almost cliche and represent little thought or consideration on the gift giver’s part, not to mention the premium price they assume because of the increased demand at that time of year.

Colors of Roses Convey Different Meanings

If you want to give a gift of roses, but want to step out of the mainstream, consider spicing that bouquet by choosing a different color or even multiple colors of roses. Roses are available in an wide assortment of colors from white to almost black. But before you send that striking bouquet of multi-colored roses, be sure you understand the message they convey.

Rose Colors Suitable for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Each rose color is associated with a traditional meaning. The following colors make good choices for Valentine’s Day gifts:

  • Purple or lilac roses signify that the giver has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight and is enchanted. As such, they may be more appropriate in a new relationship.
  • Coral roses convey desire, while orange roses suggest both enthusiasm and desire.
  • Yellow roses indicate joy, friendship, and freedom. They are a good choice for friends, especially platonic friends of the opposite sex when sending red roses may misrepresent your intentions. If your feelings are romantic and long-lasting, however, you may want to avoid yellow roses unless they have red tips to symbolize falling in love.
  • Pink roses generally express gratitude and appreciation. The shade of pink adds subtle nuances to the message. Light pink conveys gratitude, happiness, and gentle love, while medium pink roses usually represent sympathy, and dark pink roses can indicate how grateful you are to have the person in your life.
  • White roses indicate reverence, humility, truth, and innocence and are commonly used at weddings. They can also send the message, “you are heavenly”.

Rose Color Combinations

You can further refine your message by combining rose colors in a bouquet or even within a single flower.

  • White and yellow roses are a symbol of harmony.
  • Red and yellow roses send a message of happiness and celebration, as well as falling in love.
  • Red and white roses indicate bonding and harmony.

Although red roses are a wonderful way to express your love and passion, you can create a more personalized and thoughtful message by taking the time to consider your feelings and choosing rose colors that convey exactly how your feel.


Roses – or Other Flowers – for Valentine’s

The season of romance is just about upon us. Valentine’s Day is February 14, a day that makes many quake in their shoes. How does one get just the right gift for a loved one?

Chocolates and flowers have long been the preferred Valentine’s gift, and roses have traditionally been considered the flower of love. However, if you want to profess your love with roses, be prepared to pay the price.

A review of the cost of a dozen long stem roses at florists in Canada’s major cities shows that prices range from about $90 to $160. At the bottom of the range, you can expect very nice roses, likely in a plain paper wrap or cellophane. If you want to pay more, you can purchase an arrangement in an attractive container with greens and, perhaps, baby’s breath or another pretty filler.

Roses are lovely, but in addition to the expense, they can be touchy. First of all, you need to make sure that the beautiful buds you are purchasing will open into a gorgeous rose. Watch out for buds that are too tight. Ideally, you should be able to see the flower petals beginning to expand.

The website 1-800-therose gives a variety of other useful ideas for maintaining the beauty and longevity of cut roses. Some important tips include making sure your flowers have lots of water, using warm water when first putting them in a vase, and adding plant food. The food should be included in every bouquet purchased from a florist.

Another long-standing suggestion is to recut rose stems under water. This allows water to be taken into the stem. If the cut is made in the air, the stem takes up air, causing a bubble which prevents water and nutrients getting to the flower head. This applies to all cut flowers, but may be especially important with roses as their stem is large.

If choosing and caring for roses sounds like a lot of work, here is another suggestion: try some other flowers! There are many beautiful cut flowers which make gorgeous arrangements to delight any sweetheart.

For those who like the exotic, birds of paradise are recommended. These large orange flowers are very long lasting. Another choice is from the wide range of lilies now available. Because of their long stems, lilies are ideal for a large and showy arrangement. Other popular cut flowers are freesia, alstromeria, gerbera daisies and orchids. Combine these with a wide assortment of textured greens and, in the hands of a talented floral designer, they can be turned into a stunning arrangement. Best of all, especially on Valentine’s Day, these flowers can also be a less expensive alternative to the traditional roses.

Roses, brilliant cut flowers, chocolates – whatever you decide to give for Valentine’s, your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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