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Romantic Phrases in French for Valentine’s Day: Learn to Express Sentimental Feelings in French

Among the array of reasons why people decide to learn French is because many find the language beautiful and romantic. French is one of the official romance languages of the world which stems from Vulgar Latin which is also known as colloquial Latin.

This article, however, does not focus on any vulgar phrases associated with finding or impressing a potential partner but will concentrate on simple, sweet phrases guaranteed to soften even the most sceptic heart.

Getting to Know Someone in French

The following phrases are used during the initial introduction phase where people are getting to know each other on a more personal level or at least trying to get to know each other bettter. Here are some commonly used phrases:

  • Would you like to dance? – M’accordez-vous cette dance?
  • Would you like to go to a restaurant with me? – Est-ce que je peux vous inviter au restaurant?
  • Could I have your number? – Laisse moi votre numéro?
  • I think you are very good looking! – Je vous trouve magnifique!
  • I would like to see you again – J’aimerais vous revoir
  • I love being with you – J’adore être avec toi
  • You have a great body! – Tu es bien roulée!
  • You are the queen of my heart – Tu es la reine de mon coeur

Expressing Romantic Feelings in French

When there is no longer any doubt regarding one’s love or l’amour for a significant other there are many impressive phrases to use in French. Listed below are also a few quotes by one of the most celebrated French writers of all time, Victor Hugo. Consider using some of the following:

  • My heart belongs to you – Mon coeur t’appartient
  • I think about you all the time – Je pense à toi tout les temps
  • You will be in my dreams tonight –Tu seras dans mes rêves cette nuit
  • You make me so happy – Tu me rends si heureux/heureuse
  • You give me butterflies – Tu me donnes des papillons dans le coeur!
  • You mean the world to me – Tu es tout pour moi
  • I want to spend my life with you – Je veux passer le restant de ma vie avec toi
  • I love you from the bottom of my heart – Je t’aime du fond du coeur
  • You can always count on me – Tu peux toujours compter sur moi
  • I am on fire near you – Moi! je brûle près de toi (Victor Hugo)
  • Between you and me, there is nothing more than love and the dream – Entre toi et moi, il n’est rien de plus que l’amour et le rêve (Victor Hugo)
  • If love had a face, it would look like you – Si l’amour devait avoir un visage, il porterait le tien (Victor Hugo)

Another fun way of discovering new ways to express sentimental feelings is to listen to French songs and to study the lyrics thereof. Expressing feelings about love in French should be easier to remember than banal phrases as it means so much more and can be shared with precious people.

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