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Romantic Ideas for Her on Valentine’s Day

Sometimes men have trouble finding a meaningful way to express what they really feel for their wife, girlfriend or lover. There’s a fear that, on Valentine’s Day, a card just won’t cut it. Romantic gift ideas are fine – the stores are full of romantic gifts – but how about unusual gifts like the gift of Self. Buying a card or a gift is the easy way out. This Valentine’s Day, try one of these romantic ideas for her and show that you notice the little things that are often very important to a woman.

A Romantic Message for Valentine’s Day

Romantic messages are the central theme of St Valentine’s Day. Card message writers work overtime and card shops make a fortune. Everyone loves to get a pretty card but rather than write: With love from Joe, why not include a message thatcomes from the heart and make it obvious to the girl that the sender means what he says. This takes a little thought. Here are some thought-provoking first lines that might inspire the sort of message that might make a lady sit up and smile:

  • I remember what attracted me to you that first time we met. (Keep sexual innuendo out – this day is for romance, remember)
  • I can still remember what you wore on out first date, you know… (but get it right!)
  • Remember what a great day our wedding was? (for married men, obviously – choose a couple of little details that will make her smile fondly)
  • These are the things I find most beautiful about you:

Valentine List of Virtues

One of the sweetest, most meaningful love gifts is to prepare a list of the loved one’s virtues. People say I love you all the time,. Often as an automatic response without much thought. The question – and some girls ask it – WHY do you love me? Can leave a guy floundering for something to say , which doesn’t look good and can meet a frosty reception. Consequently, Valentine ’s Day is a great time to really reflect on the relationship and decide what makes that girl the delight that she is. Prepare a list of her virtues on a piece of cardboard and take the trouble to decorate it, or slip the neat list inside the Valentine’s day card as a love gift.

Go beyond the obvious: certainly list aspects of her physical beauty that appeal, but get beyond the sexy bits and record such things as her delicate hands, how neat her feet look in strappy sandals, the cute curl of her ear lobe, the freckle on her nose.

Here’s an idea of how such a list of virtues might read —

  • Here are just some of the things I love about you:
  • The way you peer over your glasses at me
  • How sweet your hair smells after a shower
  • The way you always fiddle with the top button on your blouse
  • The way you never say unkind things about anyone
  • The way you care about your Mom
  • The chill of your hand on my forehead when I have a headache
  • The calm way you tell me things are going to work out fine

A careful and accurate list of things you truly love about your girlfriend or partner will charm them, because it will show that you really have thought about what ‘I love you’ means. Remember to be generous and not temper some of the statements with ‘sometimes’ or ‘almost’. Above all, don’t be tempted to include a few things you don’t like. Remember, this is the chance to be romantic… not picky!

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