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Preparing a Perfect Valentine’s Day Date at Home: Staying in for Romance Provides Ample Opportunity to Impress

Many times, especially if you and your partner have been seeing each other for a long time, the appeal of the traditional dinner date may wane no matter what might be done to spice up the experience. The option of staying in and preparing your own special evening can be extremely rewarding if one takes the time and makes the effort required to reward your lady love for all of her patience, kindness, and hard work over the past year – she’s worth it!

The Dirty Work

Easily the worst and most difficult part of this experience will be the first step – cleaning your home or apartment. Depending on your personalities this may take very little effort, or if you are like most men in your cleaning habits – this task could be gargantuan! In many ways, Valentines Day is all about creating atmosphere; It can be very difficult to romance your partner over a pile of laundry. Clean your home until it is respectable at the very least, then read on and get down to business!

Use Your Heart and Mind

Whether you are creative or inexperienced in expressing your feelings – it is an integral step towards displaying the affection that you bear towards your mate. Pen a letter, hand-written of course, telling your special someone how you feel about them, memories that you often think about, and all of the things that you can remember that they’ve done to make you feel special and loved. If you are a bit bolder, perhaps create a photocollage of you together with an accompanying poem that illustrates the connection between your faces and actions in the pictures and your innermost thoughts and feelings. Women always appreciate a man who speaks to them as an equal and is not afraid to show his love and affection to her. Breaking down a taciturn barrier may well be a monumental achievement for some of the men out there – but it will most definitely benefit your relationship and this Valentine’s Day.

Use your Hands and Don a Cap

It is said that the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This adage may well hold true for women as well, who love food just as much as men do! Put on your chef’s cap for the evening and be sure to cook a full three course meal – appetizers, entrees, and deserts.

Be sure that the table setting is attractive. Purchase a nice quality tablecloth if you do not have one already; Burgundy is an excellent choice as it does not show stains readily and it matches many grains of wood. Fold your napkins at angles to make them look more professional, and be sure to serve wine or cocktails with your meal. Candles are a must if at all possible. Jazz or easy-listening music at a very low volume sets a great ambience and breaks a still silence.

  • For the appetizer, consider garlic bread or bruschetta – two popular options that are fairly easy to make and are generally well-regarded.
  • Popular entrees might be a stirfry or stuffed chicken breast, also fairly easy to make and with readily available ingredients. Most women prefer chicken to red meat, but of course this choice is to taste with the preferences of your mate.
  • To finish off with desert, even something as simple as storebought yogurt with fresh berries and whipped cream can look very attractive on a table setting and impress your sweetheart.

Take the Rest of the Night Off

After you’ve cleared away the dishes and presented gifts to your mate – things will naturally progress from there. Whether it be a warm and affectionate cuddle in front of a movie or perhaps something a little more erotic – the rest of the night is yours to enjoy, you’ve earned it!

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