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Naturally Valentines: Wellness Treatments You Can Enjoy in Toronto

Taking the time to relax and spend time with your partner in a romantic and intimate setting is an integral part of any relationship. There are many activities that you both can indulge in that are strictly natural yet decadent. These are quite a few rituals you can follow that are both healing and pampering:

Romantic Healing Foods

You can start off spoiling yourselves with your favourite organic gourmet foods from your local health food store, or picking up a meal to go at any organic or vegetarian restaurant around town. The Live Health Food Bar, Café Vert or Fressen offer a variety of organic, vegetarian and vegan, delicious foods for a romantic evening. Finish off with organic chocolate as a dessert, full of antioxidants, good for you and elevates the mood. Cocoa Camino is an organically grown and fair trade brand that you can find at the local health food stores. Dagoba is another organic and fair trade brand, they carry a line of chocolate elixirs that are combined with other ingredients to give you balance and wellness. Perfect for Valentines is the “Eros Elixir: Awaken the Heart”; with aphrodisiac ingredients like ‘horny goat weed’ you can’t go wrong!

A Local Getaway

If you love to give gifts to your significant other, an organic spa package is probably the ultimate luxury. To restore well-being and relieve tension there are several treatments you can enjoy, like the Seaweed Body Wrap or the Moor Mud Body Wrap offered at Aliviar Organic and Vegan Spa downtown. These treatments help to detoxify the system and replenish the body with vitamins and minerals. Elixir Organic Spa offers exotic treatments like Boreh Boreh Intense Detox Therapy, which originates from the island of Bali. They also offer oxygen therapy and aromatherapy facials that feed the skin with essential oils and herbs perfect for dehydrated winter faces. Divine scents is another organic spa that uses popular natural lines like Eminence Organics and Jurlique for their treatments.

Gift of Love

Not only alluring for its sensuality, the gift of touch can be the most healing and connecting for a relationship. Recreating a spa at home can make one of the most appealing and fitting presents for Valentines. You can start the mood with soy candles from Grassroots or another store. Decorate the bed or bath with organic red rose petals. Eco Flora sells all kinds of organic flowers, or look for labels by Transfair Canada and Veriflora at your local florist. These certification systems signify the purchase of organically grown, pesticide-free flowers, using socially responsible business, energy conservation and advanced agricultural practices.

Finally, relax and enjoy an evening taking a bath for two and massaging each other with organic oils. Saffron Rouge carries several lines of organic massage oils, like Suzanne aux Bains from France. Check out the line of chocolate spa body products from Melis or make your own massage oils by blending aromatherapy grade essential oils with aphrodisiac properties for the best gift of love. Happy Healthy Valentines!

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