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Meaning of Flowers to Give on Valentine’s Day or Special Occasion

Give flowers to special people in your life on Valentine’s Day or on a wonderful occasion like a birthday or anniversary. You can pick a bouquet, have the florist deliver an arrangement (which makes quite a hit at the office), or make a corsage. But when you’re looking at flowers, consider what the flowers mean before you present them to your loved one. Then, select specific flowers based on your feelings. Enclose a note with the flowers to explain their meaning and your intention.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies are loved for the elegant and classic flower shape. This flower is a symbol of love, a perfect choice for a romantic love affair. A white calla lily represents beauty, so it would be doubly romantic to include a note that talks about your love’s beauty and your love for her or him. Consider adding a poem or quote to the bouquet, about beauty. Varieties of calla lilies bloom in white, pink, grape, cream and yellow.


This flower can be given as a plant on Valentine’s Day. The white, pink or red flowers are usually large and conspicuous. As a species camellias represent gratitude and loveliness. Write in a card how thankful you are for your Valentine. If you give pink camellias, you’re saying “I’m longing for you.” If you choose red, you’re telling your Valentine that “You’re a flame in my heart.” If you give white camellias, you’re telling the recipient, “You’re adorable.” Consider other plants for gift giving too.


If you like something a little different, or your Valentine would appreciate something unusual, consider selecting the coreopsis flower. It means “always cheerful.” If you, or other people, comment on your love’s positive attitude, this would be a wonderful bouquet to give. This flower resembles a daisy; one variety has white petals and a red center, perfect for Valentine’s Day.


The daisy itself can be a good choice for a close friend or co-worker, but probably not for a romantic interest on Valentine’s Day. The daisy represents loyalty, so an exchange between friends would signify someone who is reliable and dedicated.

Gardenia, Forget-Me-Not, Orange Blossoms

Think about getting your Valentine a gardenia corsage for Valentine’s Day if you’re taking her out for the evening. The white gardenia says, “You’re lovely,” while adding incredible fragrance to the atmosphere. The forget-me-not, which blooms in white, blue and lavender, means true love, hope, and of course, remembrance or memories. Your card might reflect on wonderful times together. Orange blossoms, which can be incorporated into a bouquet with other flowers, have an incredible fragrance and symbolize eternal love.


The love language of different colored roses speaks volumes. Interestingly, orange roses might make the boldest statement on Valentine’s Day. They represent desire and enthusiasm, symbolize passion and anticipation and definitely articulate heated romance. Red roses say, quite simply, “I love you.” They are the traditional rose on Valentine’s Day because they represent beauty and perfection. If you are newlyweds, give your husband or wife white roses. They mean innocence and purity and are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings.

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