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Make Valentine Hearts in Class: Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan

Valentine Person Materials

  • 1 large valentine
  • 1 medium valentine
  • 10 small valentines

Valentine Heart Templates

Teacher makes templates for all the different heart sizes. It is best to laminate hearts to ensure they will withstand all the tracing.

Another option is to photocopy the different sizes for each child and have students trace with their personal hearts.

Students make their own hearts. Students free draw the different hearts. A simple alternative is for students to fold a piece of paper in half and draw half a heart on the fold of the paper. Students cut out the heart half, unfold, and it is a complete heart.

Students create a Valentine person with the different hearts. Large heart is the body, middle size heart is the head, small hearts are for the legs and arms. Legs can be created with 3 hearts and the arms with two hearts.

Valentine Heart Person Directions

Students cut or trace the various hearts (1 large,1 medium, 10 small) on red or pink construction paper.

Students glue the heart body to the heart head. Points of the heart always face down.

Glue 3 small hearts together for the leg and attach to the body. Glue another 3 small hearts together and attach to the body for the leg. (hearts face down)

Glue 2 hearts together for the arm and attach to the side of the body. Do the same for the other arm on the heart body (hearts face down).

Students add facial features to the their heart person. Valentine person is complete. Excellent to create a bulletin board with the heart people.

Valentine Heart Activities

1.Students cut out the large heart. Each child puts his name on the back of the heart.

Each student will write something kind about each student in class on the heart. Teacher will pass the hearts around the class, for each student to write on each heart.

Best if the teacher and students brainstorm on acceptable things to write on the heart. Teachers may make a list of phrases to be used. As well, they may ask students not to repeat a phrase that is already on the heart.

Writing the phrases can be done randomly on the heart, or it may be in a more structured format. One format is to outline the heart with phrases. Students begin writing and circle the heart. Next student continues where the other student finishes.

Write with different pens to show the break between phrases.

2. Students write or draw a picture of someone they love on each of the hearts or on the body of the Valentine person. As well, students may write about acts of love given to them.

Bulletin Board

Teacher displays the heart people on the bulletin board. Heart people can be arranged in a heart or have all of them holding hands.

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