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Knitting for Valentine’s Day: Ideas to Make your Loved One Something Special and Personalised.

Unless you’re an extremely fast knitter, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get a large garment, such as a sweater finished by February 14th (see also “A light-hearted word of caution”, below). However, it’s still possible to show you care with an item crafted with love.

Items To Wear

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, winter will soon start drawing in, and so a nice warm scarf, hat or pair of gloves would be a very welcome gift. Make it in your loved one’s favourite colour, and chose a good quality yarn with a high natural fibre cotton, to make sure that the finished item is soft against their skin. It’s possible to make a set for the two of you to wear, making mittens and “partner” or “lovers’” mittens; just perfect for romantic walks in the park.

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, however, your thoughts will be turning towards warmer weather, rather than protecting your loved one from the cold. Again, scarves and gloves would be welcome, but in lighter-weight yarns.

Gifts for the Home.

Hand knitted items aren’t just for wearing. You could make your beloved a practical item that they could use every day and think of you as they do so.

A sock for their mobile phone, an insulating sleeve for their daily cappuccino, or even a cover for their diary would be a regular reminder of how much you care.

Romantic Gestures.

A bright red cushion in fun fur yarn would be a simple but wonderfully kitsch valentines gift. Simply make two squares and sew them together around a cushion pad.

Alternatively, you could make a bunch of roses , the ultimate symbol of love and romance.

Obtaining patterns.

There are many good internet sites offering free patterns, including Knitting Pattern Central . Knitting magazines are also full of good ideas for small projects, ideal for the boy or girl of your dreams.

A Light-hearted Word of Caution.

The above ideas are all small projects, which can be made with love and care. Think carefully before attempting to make a sweater for your boyfriend, for the following reasons:

  • You will be up all night trying to get it finished in time.
  • There is a good chance that he won’t appreciate the effort that’s gone into the making of it.
  • There is even a chance that he won’t like the completed item.
  • Relationships have been known to break up over less.

For more information on “The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater”, see this article from Knitty.

But it’s the season of love and romance, not cynicism and fear, so enjoy your knitting, make something wonderful for “the one” and delight in the look on their face when they open your gift on February 14th.

Happy Valentines!

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