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How to Cope with Valentine’s Day Alone: Seven Ways for Singles to Give New Meaning to the Day of Romance

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Whether you’re newly widowed, just broke up with your girlfriend, or haven’t found that special someone yet, being alone on this day can be depressing. But there are ways for singles to cope, and give new meaning to St. Valentine’s Day.

Spend V. Day with a Friend or Relative

One way to beat the Valentine’s Day blues is to spend time with a friend or relative you are particularly close to. Hang out with your sister for some serious catching up. Or if going out is more your style, make plans with your best friend for dinner and a movie. You could also treat yourself and a loved one to a day at a spa. For a more adventurous outing, plan a hike to a favorite spot or even a road trip.

Volunteer on Valentine’s Day

Helping others is a great way to lift your spirits. Do you like flowers? Volunteer to deliver bouquets to patients at the local hospital. Chances are their smiles will be contagious. Or maybe you’re an animal lover. Contact an area shelter to offer service. You could also volunteer to help a neighbor with home repairs or a move.

Make a Donation to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It’s a celebration of love. How about making a donation to your favorite charity in honor or memory of someone dear to you? Do you know someone who was helped by Hospice or got special care at the hospital? Write a check. Or someone who loves the theater? Make a contribution to the community’s theater group. You could also give blood, which is always needed.

Fight Valentine’s Day Blues by Getting Creative

Are you artistic? Do you like to cook? You could make up gift baskets of homemade goodies and deliver them to people who are shut-in, widowed or otherwise alone. If home-made isn’t your thing, you can buy baskets and a variety of items like chocolate, fruit, a small teddy bear, a book of inspirational quotes, and so on, to put in them. If you know beforehand what the individuals fancy it’ll make the project a bit easier, but that’s not a must. Before you go, make sure you have enough time to stay for even a few minutes. Your thoughtfulness will brighten their day.

Conduct a Valentine’s Day Reevaluation

Make this the day you decide that it’s the last Valentine’s Day you’ll spend alone. What could you change about yourself to attract your future Valentine? Try a new hairstyle? Clean up your language a bit? Lose a few pounds? Open yourself up to community involvement? Make time to date? There is no need to go out and have plastic surgery, unless that’s something you really want. Taking little steps can have just as much impact on how others respond to you.

Also ask yourself honestly what you are looking for in a Valentine. Do you prefer the adventurous type or someone who is comfortable relaxing at home? Somewhere in the middle? Are there habits you just cannot tolerate in a partner? Don’t be hasty. Give it some thought. Then decide how to go about meeting that future Valentine, whether it’s through a common interest group, friends, an Internet dating site, work, or other avenue. Ease into it, jump into it, whatever’s your style, but take the steps toward meeting that special someone.

Do Something You Love on Valentine’s Day

What do you love to do but rarely get the opportunity? This is the day to do it. Do you like to read suspense novels? Go camping? Take a long bath? Do it! What about riding out into open spaces to gaze up at the stars? Or cooking your favorite meal? Take the time to do something special for yourself.

Think of Valentine’s Day as Just Another Day

You could always treat February 14 as an ordinary day. Don’t plan anything special for the occasion. Spend the day doing whatever you would normally do–go to work, walk the dog, do the laundry. If you encounter hearts, flowers and romance at every turn, be gracious, smile and move on.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be depressing. Commemorate it by giving to others and yourself, and you may find you can enjoy this celebration of love.

Notably, for someone with clinical depression, Valentine’s Day could be very difficult to handle as a single. Anyone who experiences signs of clinical depression should consult a doctor.

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