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Hot or Not? Heart-Shaped Chilli Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is about love and romance. Usual gifts include red roses, champagne, a sentimental card and a romantic meal for two at the love-of-your-life’s favourite restaurant. However, there’s a hot new kid on the confectionery block – heart shaped chilli-chocolates. Produced by a small family-run company based in Rugby Warwickshire, Our subjected Devine Foods’ Valentine’s (or any other) Day chilli chocolates to an informal visual and taste test. How did they fare?

Profile of Testers of Devine Foods’ Heart-Shaped ChocoChilli

In January, Our’s Culinary Travel Feature Writer was sent a sample of a product called ChocoChilli made by Devine Foods, a small family run firm based in Rugby, Warwickshire. Subtitled “Milk Chilli Chocolate” and with the strap line “the chocolate with bite!” the novel Valentine’s Day treat arrived neatly packaged in a clear plastic heart-shaped box.

In order to obtain a balanced review of Devine Food’s chilli chocolate product, Our organised an informal visual and taste test involving both academic and administrative staff dealing with hospitality based courses at a University on the south coast of the UK. The ethnic profile of the testers was white European. The first question to be asked was “what do you think of the packaging?”

Devine Foods’ Heart-Shaped ChocoChilli Valentine’s Packaging

Of the six people who were asked to comment on the chilli chocolate packaging, five loved the heart-shaped design of the pack and the chocolates, as well as the ridged swirls and different coloured foil wrappings. Only one thought the design was a bit boring. So overall, the packaging and design of Devines’ ChocoChilli was deemed visually appealing and acceptable as an unusual Valentine’s Day present on that basis alone.

But the burning question (pardon the pun) is how does this Valentine’s Day focussed gift fare in a taste test? Nine people, from the profile of testers described above, volunteered to be involved in a taste test of Devine Foods’ chilli flavoured chocolates. The sample set involved seven women and two men.

Devine’s ChocoChilli Taste Test Produces a Marmite Like Result

Interestingly, both the blokes involved in the taste test gave positive comments. Both like chilli and one had, in his own words, “spent some time in the tropics” implying he was well accustomed to hot spicy food. All testers were surprised about how the chilli in the chocolates gave, on average, a ten second or so after-burn at the back of the throat.

Specific comments from both male and female testers of Devine Foods’ chilli flavoured chocolates include:

  • “You need to nibble them rather than bite”
  • “Nice texture, smooth”
  • “Too much chilli”
  • “Quite strong and fiery but very nice”
  • “Love the chocolates but it’s probably best to nibble”
  • “You get a big burst of chilli on the first bite but after that, it seems to be less strong”
  • “No, I’m sorry, I’m going to have to dispose of this…” (The bite of chilli chocolate was discretely spat into a tissue and promptly placed in the bin)
  • “The concept of chilli and chocolate together is a bit alien to me”

Devine Foods ChocoChilli – Love it or Hate it Contact Details

So there we have it – the results of an informal taste test on a sample of a Valentine’s Day potential gift of chilli flavoured milk chocolate sent by Devine Foods for review by the Culinary Travel Feature Writer of Our. On the whole they were a success but do seem to fall into the Marmite type camp of food products that are either loved or hated. There seems to be no middle road.

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