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Have Some Valentine Fun with Shrinky Dinks: Valentine’s Day Ideas With One Easy Craft

While there are many Valentine’s Day crafts that can be made by children and adults, this one, easy craft can be used several different ways to create some Valentine fun. Collect some number 6 plastic salad bar and bakery containers, or purchase some shrink film and create dozens of tiny Shrinky Dink hearts that can be used in dozens of ways to shower someone with love.

Creating Shrinky Dink Hearts

This Valentine’s Day craft is simple, fun and can be accomplished in a fairly short amount of time. To begin, gather together either some plastic marked with a recycling number “6”, such as salad bar lids, or cookie containers or some shrink film, available at any craft store. Markers, paint or sandpaper with colored pencils, some scissors and parchment paper will also be required.

Begin by tracing several hearts, approximately 2” in size onto the shrink film or plastic and cut them out. Decorate them in different ways with the markers or paints, or sand them down slightly and use colored pencils. Color some in solid colors, others can be two tone hearts within hearts, or can bear simple messages such as “Be Mine” or “Love You!”.

When the hearts have all been completely decorated and the paint has dried, place them onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Heat the oven to 350 degrees, and place the baking sheet on a middle rack. Within 2 – 3 minutes, or less, the hearts will curl and then shrink down to 40% of their original size. The plastic will also thicken up, making the tiny plastic hearts inflexible. The colors will become more saturated with the shrinking, but any design will remain the same.

Hide Some Hearts

Once the hearts have been baked, it’s time to have some fun with them. One way to do so is to hide the hearts where the recipient will come across them. Fill the pockets of a loved one’s coat with hearts, or sprinkle them into a pair of gloves.

Place hearts on the pillow case, below the bedspread for a surprise before bedtime. The possibilities of where these tiny hearts can turn up throughout the day are endless, turning Valentine’s Day into a scavenger hunt for love.

Create a Heart Trail

If home before the recipient at the end of the day, why not create a trail of hearts for them to follow? Scatter hearts from the door way into various rooms of the house. Try placing small gifts, like chocolates or wrapped gifts in each room. Be sure to be the last present found at the end of the trail.

Create Valentine’s Day Games With Kids

These tiny hearts are thick enough and just the right size for several children’s games. Try making Valentine’s Day fun by playing Tiddly Winks, checkers, backgammon and other games with the hearts in place of the standard playing pieces.

This method works especially well if having the children help produce the hearts. Each child can make their own special playing pieces to compete with, eliminating confusion.

Decorate Valentine’s Day Cards

If making the Valentine’s Day cards going out this year, try decorating them with some hearts. Create small pockets on the fronts of cards to tuck the hearts into, or use the hearts with other collage items to paste to the front of the card.

If holes are punched in the hearts with a paper punch before baking, the hearts can be strung on thread and used to create book marks, and beaded decorations for the cards. Or try placing the card in an envelope and then filling the envelope full of tiny hearts that will rain down on the recipient when the card is opened.

These tiny plastic hearts are as fun to create as they are to give and receive. Try making some Shrinky Dink hearts this Valentine’s Day and create some Valentine fun.

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