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Great service from Pro Flowers on Valentines Day

Everyone has seen the numerous commercials for flowers that you can send to a loved one from 1-800-flowers or FTD. Daily online searches for flower delivery are done, especially around the Valentine’s Day holiday. Many vendors can be found online and are willing to send flowers and cute gifts to that special someone. Out of these, one vendor seems to be closing the competition in on the seasonal flower sales and delivery and I understand why. This company is called Pro Flowers .

Flowers that Last

As a lucky recipient of flowers and gifts from this company, I would like to share with you my personal experience. I have received flowers from 1-800-flowers before, along with a few other local stores. Many local flower shops deliver the flowers to your home because they have contracts with the larger website vendors. These local companies all deliver beautiful flowers and on the day you specify, so don’t get me wrong about their delivery. However, there is a difference between many online flower vendors and Pro Flowers. The flowers I have always received from Pro Flowers are not only fresh, but last for 2-3 weeks, unlike all other flowers I have received from other online vendors.

For all of my deliveries, I did not do anything special to preserve the flowers I received. I simply cut the ends of the stems when I first got them, placed them in a vase of water and poured in the included flower food. Since it’s the same process for any flowers, one would think that the flowers wouldn’t die within a week, but this is what I have had happen to my 1-800-flowers on a few occasions.

Great Customer Service

In regards to delivery, the Pro Flowers delivery person is courteous and careful with your delivery. The flowers come in a very sturdy box that has the company’s name on it. When you open the box, if the flowers come with a vase, the vase is glass and not a cheap plastic that looks pretty. The vase has a special place within the box that holds it firmly intact to ensure little chance of breakage. The flowers and gifts are also placed firmly in the box and don’t move. The recipient’s card is placed right on top to view.

The flowers themselves come out in perfect form, as if someone at the company took the time to hand-roll them within the paper. The recipient opens the wrapping as if she is opening a gift, which makes her feel extra special. The prices of the flowers and gifts are pretty competitive with other companies, but the service and product you get from them is by far superior.

For Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion, I highly recommend ordering your flowers from Pro Flowers to ensure the most fresh and beautiful flowers are delivered to your special someone for that special occasion. Look for their coupons online.

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