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Garmin Edge GPS, Cool Valentine Gift for Bikers: A Garmin GPS Makes the Ultimate Present for Enthusiastic Cyclists

Garmin has been making Global Positioning System (GPS) devices for 20 years with a goal of creating navigation and communication systems to enrich customers’ lives. Whilst GPS devices have been common features in planes, boats and cars for many years, Garmin have embraced GPS technology to offer an extensive range of gadgets for outdoor recreation and most recently fitness.

Garmin GPS Edge 705 Model

The Edge 705 is Garmin’s top of the range GPS-enabled cycle trainer and navigator which comes complete with a wireless heart rate monitor, a bicycle mount, a USB cable and an AC charger. It is the ultimate bike enthusiast’s gadget offering a host of features including:

  • Heart rate
  • Cadence
  • Measurement of speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent
  • Navigation with turn by turn directions
  • Power data (using third party ANT+ enabled power meters)
  • Colour display
  • Wireless technology
  • Monitor Heart Rate and Speed

What is Included with a Garmin GPS

Garmin’s innovative ANT+Sport wireless technology allows the user to track heart rate and speed data easily. There are different versions of the Edge 705 depending on which accessories you need but all versions include a wireless heart rate monitor to measure heart rate and track heart rate zone. Some packages also include a cadence sensor to monitor pedalling cadence and wheel speed during the ride. Indoor training is also possible as the sensor attaches to the bike’s rear wheel.

Garmin Edge GPS is Easy to Use

This GPS features a high-sensitivity receiver that holds a signal near tall buildings and under trees plus it comes with a click stick for easy on-screen navigation. Users can share data with their Edge buddies after the ride, create gradient profiles and upload data onto the web to analyse training performance. Data and routes are also easy to share with a buddy using the wireless “transfer data” button.

Cost of a Garmin GPS

The recommended retail price of the basic Garmin Edge 705 is $499.99. Whilst this is hardly cheap, especially in the current economic climate, remember that this sophisticated unit offers a heart rate monitor in addition to the GPS navigation technology. Buying a cheaper GPS and heart rate monitor separately will probably work out more expensive.

Where to Buy Garmin Edge 705 GPS

Good starting points for price comparison are Amazon and eBay but shop around as many online stores are offering post-Christmas discounts for all types of electronic gadgets. Amazon.co.uk, for example, are offering the Edge 705 at a great price of £219.99 in their January sale, a saving of £80 on the normal purchase price of £299.99.

Other Cool Valentine Gift Ideas

If a Garmin GPS is beyond your Valentine gift budget, then consider other cool gift ideas like a helmet cam to record great rides on film, some new clipless bike pedals or simply a wireless cycle computer. For the cycling enthusiast looking to push things to the limit, however, the Edge 705 pushes the rider to do just that, then shows the way back home.

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