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Flowers for Valentines: A Gift of Flowers Can Convey a Special Message.

Red roses are the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. The red rose has long been a universal symbol of true love, reaching back to Greek and Roman mythology.

Other rose colors have special meanings, too. Depending on the relationship with the recipient, another color rose may be a perfect choice. Pink roses are a tamed down version of the red rose, and represent love, admiration, and thankfulness. Yellow roses are for friendship, white are for remembrance, and orange or coral is for passion. Purple or lavender roses mean love at first sight. Yellow roses with one red rose, or a yellow rose with red tips tells the recipient that you want to be more than friends.

Even the number of roses given has special meaning. A dozen roses is the classic declaration of love; two dozen says “I think of you twenty four hours a day.” Seven roses means infatuation; thirteen is a secret admirer.

Roses are expensive, especially in February. When the budget is tight, keep in mind that even a single red rose says “I love you.” But, if trying to get more bang for the buck or just looking for something new in a gift or flowers, keep in mind that many different types of flowers can express feelings of love, devotion and passion.

Symbolism of Flowers: Devotion, Love and Passion

Some of the flowers that say “I love you” or generally represent love include red carnations, azaleas, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, myrtle, red tulips and blue violets, and of course, forget-me-nots.

Many flowers represent faithfulness, including dahlias, heliotropes, hydrangea, red salvia , rosemary Bird of Paradise, lemon blossom and veronica. Flowers that indicate burning passion or desire are the red or yellow iris, peach blossoms, larkspurs and jonquils. Gladiolus and gloxinia represents love at first sight.

Other Flower Symbolism

Some flowers have specific, special meaning, either positive or morose. White violets say “lets take a chance” and ambrosia symbolizes love returned. Anemones mean fading love; sunflowers infatuation or foolish passion , and daffodils, unrequited love. Lotus is love estranged. A striped carnation expresses regret that love cannot be shared. A spider flower says “let’s elope” and a pineapple flower “you are perfect”.

To send a “not interested” signal, choose snapdragons, which represent total indifference. And of course, a bouquet of withering or dead flowers of any kind sends a powerful message.

Create a Love Garden

Even the most alive and blooming bouquet doesn’t last long, which is often a disappointment for flower lovers. To eliminate this problem, consider a plant instead of a bouquet. It can be kept alive indoors, or transplanted outdoors in warmer weather.

For those who are able to plant and care for houseplants, create an indoor garden. Use a combination of meaningful flowers to create a dishgarden with a powerful message. In warmer climates, plant a love garden outdoors.

In many parts of the country, it’s too cold to plant a garden on February 14, but it’s never too early to plan and prepare. Give a gift of seeds, bulbs, and gardening tools, and plan the garden together throughout the winter. The end result is a love garden that will bloom for years to come.

These are just some ideas for relaying special feelings through a gift of flowers. For more information about flowers symbolism, check with local florists, horticulturists, and online resources.

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