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Family Friendly Valentine’s Day: Fun Activities for The Whole Family

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with your loved ones? This year, ditch the romantic activities for a much more enjoyable, fun-filled activities with your family.

Have a Family Picnic

Prepare delicious sandwiches, pack up the kids, and take them to a park for a lovely family picnic. Spread the rug on a nice spot and have fun feasting on the outdoor. Play a sport game like soccer or football or bring your family’s favorite board game along and enjoy playing it surrounded by sounds of birds chirping and wind blowing all around you.

Better still, make the picnic an annual thing, involving not just the main members of your family, but the whole extended lot. Pick two or three people to be in charge of the planning. These three will be responsible for choosing the venue, setting the date, and informing everyone. Turn it into a potluck picnic, with the adults bringing food and snacks for the others to enjoy also.

Have a Fun Family Day Out

Valentine’s Day will fall on a Sunday this year, so you can afford to dedicate the whole day to your family. Avoid going to the same old place. New experiences will bring on new memories. Take the kids horseback riding or enjoy the beautiful scenery on a hiking trip together.

Make it an even memorable Valentine’s Day celebration by opting for a full weekend break. Book a room at a nice hotel outside of town. Begin your journey in the morning and make some stops on the way to take pictures or to simply enjoy the view bestowed upon you. Focus on doing things that can be enjoyed by everyone, like swimming or trekking.

Make Valentine’s Day Cards

Kids love to cut and paste things. Let them make their own Valentine’s Day cards to give to their friends at school. Prepare A4 size red and pink colored papers, scissors, glue, and colored pens. Teach the kids to draw a heart on the red paper and cut it into shape. Fold the A4 paper in half. Paste the heart inside the folded A4 paper. Give the kids the freedom to write their own Valentine’s Day messages. More ideas can be found right here.

Bake Delicious Valentine’s Day Treats

Roll up your sleeve, wear your apron, and teach your kids the basic of baking. There are lots of easy Valentine’s Day recipes available. Heart shaped cupcakes topped with red buttercream icing are mouth-watering. Valentine Strawberry Shortcakes are difficult to say no to. Find the recipes online and start making your own delectable Valentine’s Day dishes.

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