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Creative Ideas for Children on Valentine’s Day: Fun Games and Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Kids can enjoy the holiday by doing theme related crafts, games and activities. This is a great time of year to teach them about love, giving, and sharing with someone special and is easily done through interactive games and activities!

Everyday Games Adapted to a Valentine Theme

There are a multitude of games for kids out there, from learning, interactive to quiet activities. Every game has its place and benefits for the children. The great thing about many kids’ games is that they are easily adaptable to a holiday theme. Parents can take almost any game and with a little creativity, make a common game, new, fun and related to the holiday that one is celebrating.

Follow these easy steps to create ideas to adapt a game.

  • Identify what items relate to the holiday being celebrated. For Valentine’s Day this would be hearts, candy, cupid, red, pink, white, flowers, love, etc.
  • Decide on the game(s) one would like to adapt.
  • Look at what items from the list can be incorporated into the game. Do not overdo it and add in too many. Keep it simple.
  • Prep any materials needed for the game beforehand.
  • Explain the rules, and any changes to the game.
  • Play the game!

Valentine’s Games for Kids

Need some ideas to get started? Here are some Valentine’s games and activities that parents could do with children of various ages.

Valentine’s Treasure Hunt

This can be set up inside or outside. Cut out hearts of different colors or all one color for Valentine’s; pink or red. Except for the first clue, hide the hearts in the chosen area. Give the children the first clue and have them go find the rest.

Depending on the ages of the children doing the hunt, the clues can be very simple, such as writing the word of the room or location they need to go to on the heart. For older children parents can make up a riddle that they need to solve to figure out where to go next. Create as many clues as desired.

The last clue leads to the treasure. This can be a special Valentine, some chocolate or candies, or whatever parents decide they would like to be the treasure!

Pin the Arrow on Cupid

This classic game traditionally known as Pin the Tail on the Donkey is easily adapted for Valentine’s Day. Buy a large cardboard cupid, or draw one if preferred. Cut out arrows from brown or yellow construction paper, size of the arrow will depend on the size of the cupid. Cute enough so there is one for each child.

Have the kids line up one behind the other. Blindfold the first person, give him an arrow and guide him to cupid. Depending on the age of the children, parents may turn them around a few times before leading them to cupid. Let the child place the arrow where he feels is the best spot. (Ensure that a piece of masking tape or sticky tack is on the back of the arrow so it will stick).

Once the arrow is stuck on, the child may remove the blindfold and see where he placed it. Then the next child gets blindfolded and has his turn. Once all the children have had a turn, the child who placed his arrow closest to the bow is the winner. If desired, red paper hearts can be used to pin on cupid instead of arrows.

Valentine’s Dominoes

Dominoes is another game that is easily adapted to a Valentine theme. Parents can create their own design or sets for Valentine’s can be found online at Family Crafts. Print out designs and glue to stiff cardboard. Once glue dries, cut out the dominoes. Alternatively, cut out the designs and attach them to a set of dominoes; use tape so that they can be removed easily.

There are many different ways to play dominoes. The family can play their favorite version, or research the different versions to find the game that would best suit the age of the children playing. There are many resources online, or check the rules in a domino set.

Resources for Fun Children’s Games

Children love to play games and it is easy to adapt games and activities for kids with a little creativity. If parents are looking for ideas there are many resources available, either on the internet or at the local library in books and magazines. Parents can find some really fun and creative ideas out there that are easy to implement and the kids will love!

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