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Chocolate Truffles for Valentines Day: A Historical Chocolate to Celebrate Love

Picture walking down the streets of Paris in the 1920’s. Laughter can be heard from the cafes and the streets salesman enticing clients. Fresh bread and coffee aromas float from the cafes and the men are in top hats and the women in long dresses and gloves. Pausing outside a restaurant, the clinking of dishes and the bussling of the chefs are loud. One apprentice is being lectured for spilling hot cream into a bowl of chocolate chunks. He hangs his head as Auguste Escoffier stomps out of the kitchen, his hands in the air. The souffle for the afternoon is ruined.

The History of the Truffle

The under chef sighs and returns to his bowl of cream and chocolate. It has cooled. He wrinkles his brow and feels the substance. An idea comes to mind. He massages the substance into small lopsided balls and rolls them in cocoa powder. He smiles as he remembers digging for truffles in the forest of French Perigord during his childhood. He runs to the chef and exclaims, “Look; truffles!” The chef approves and a new desert is born.

Chocolate Truffle Flavors

Truffles evolved from that small kitchen in Paris to what they are today. There are many different textures and flavors involved cocoa and chopped nuts. Every Valentines Day, there are millions of truffles given in satin and lace boxes as an expression of love. These chocolate sqares filled with ganache are not the traditional truffles, but Americans call them truffles. Any filled chocolate has been dubbed a truffle. Fruit filled, or cream filled chocolates are not truffles, but are typically deemed truffles. However, the tastes are the same. Everyone has a love for chocolate, whether dark, milk, white, bitter, semisweet, or unsweetend.

Truffle Recipes

There are many ways to make truffles. The key to working with chocolate is creativity. Alton Brown on the Food Network has a great truffle recipe. It is easy to make and fun. Temperature is key when working with chocolates.

Truffle Chocolatier’s Taking Orders for Valentines Day

The following chocolatier’s are taking orders for Valentines Day, or for any day:

  • Charles Chocolates “www.charleschocolates.com”
  • Cambria Cove “www.cambriacove.com”
  • Gardiva “www.gardiva.com”
  • Ghirardelli “shop.ghirardelli.com”
  • Holls “www.holls.com”
  • San Tander “www.chocolatesantander.com”
  • Stuffed Chocolate “www.stuffedchocolate.com”

The above sights are only a few of the popular ones. Local chocolate houses are the best places to look for more personalized chocolates. Checkout the Amana Chocolate House at “www.chocolatehaus.com” for homemade local flavor.

The history of chocolate may be read here: “www.chocolatelovers.com”

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