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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Romantic Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of Europe’s most romantic destinations. The Czech capital is a delightful city to spend a few days together with your Valentine. Prague has magical quality. Walk hand in hand along the Vltava River, or even better take a romantic boat trip. Drink to your Valentine’s health and sample Pilsner Urquell in one of the many pivnice, bars that specialize in beer. Declare your love over a romantic meal. Oysters for starters followed by juicy roast duck smothered in pine-nut avocado sauce and bread dumplings, a marriage of aphrodisiacs and Czech cuisine.

Bohemian Garnets for Your Valentine in 2018

Your Valentine will love to window-shop for garnets. Make her day special and buy her a garnet encrusted ring, pendant, brooch or earrings. Czech garnets are the color of pomegranate seeds. Prices vary and depend on the quality and size of the gemstone. Garnet is the birthstone of January and a wedding anniversary gem for the second and sixth year of marriage. Garnets also protect travelers when away from home. Many shops in the center of Prague sell garnets.

  • Halada, Na Prikope 6, Prague 1
  • Cesky Granat, Celetna 4, Prague 1
  • Dorotheum, Ovocny Trh 2, Prague 1

Stroll across Charles Bridge with Your Valentine in 2018

Amble hand in hand across Charles Bridge and enjoy the best views of Prague Castle. Admire the statues of the saints that festoon the bridge. Stop for a moment at the statue of St John of Nepomuk and rub the plaque at his feet. Legend has it that if you do so, you will one day return to Prague. Listen to the Jazz musician who are always performing on the bridge. Take the steps down halfway the bridge and explore Kampa Island. In the old days, mills and gardens filled this tiny plot of land. Museum Kampa houses in Sova’s Mill, the only mill still there. The museum has rotating exhibitions of Czech modern art. Kampa Island is dotted with cafés and restaurants and the perfect spot to sip cappuccino and gobble apple strudel, or taste Czech beer, Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Budvar, Staropramen or Krusovice.

Be Attentive, Sexy and Romantic for Your Valentine

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day in Prague or at home, be attentive, sexy and romantic. Buy your Valentine red roses. Leave her text messages from work, even if you are very busy. When you get home, kiss her a bit longer than usual. Buy her a romantic set of sexy lingerie. Surprise her with Kama Sutra massage oil made of sweet almond oil or Aphrodite’s massage oil, or get them both. Dine with oysters, carrots, avocados and pine nuts, all said to be aphrodisiacs. End your day huddled together watching her favorite romantic film and don’t you dare slide your Star Wars into the DVD-player.


Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas: Celebrate the Holiday by Spending a Little or Nothing at All

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. Living up to that title can often mean spending a lot. It should not have to. Whether it is for a significant other or a young child, these cheap Valentine’s Day ideas are sure to impress. Who knew saying, “I Love You,” could be so easy?

Make Homemade Valentine’s Cards

Use paper, any kind of paper, to make valentines. Cut hearts out of patterned scrapbook paper, leftover wallpaper, extra wrapping paper, even newspaper. Glue them on a sheet of pink construction paper or white cardstock. Sign a sweet note before giving them away.

Write Valentine’s Notes

Surprise your special someone with thoughtful notes he or she discovers throughout the day. Put sticky-back notes or tape scrap pieces of paper to the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, a lunch box, or anywhere else a note is sure to be read.

A Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Turn a typical everyday meal into something unexpected on Valentine’s Day. If pancakes are on the menu, cut them into heart shapes before serving. Spell out the word LOVE with bacon slices. Even a simple bowl of cereal can get Cupid treatment. Tint the milk pink with a couple of drops of red food coloring.

Go Out for Breakfast

Beat the crowds on Valentine’s Day by celebrating with breakfast instead of dinner. A cup of coffee and a pastry is less expensive than a fancy dinner. All you really need to enjoy time with your sweetheart is a simple meal and a relaxing hour alone.

Movie Night for Valentine’s Day

For a fun Valentine’s date, forgo the crowded restaurants and have movie night instead. If you have kids, put them to bed early so there is plenty of time for uninterrupted viewing. Let your spouse or partner choose a favorite flick, and then watch them without complaint from either side.

No-Cost Date Night

Instead of a pricey dinner and a movie, make a game trying to find fun activities that are also free. During the day, go to the zoo, take a hike or visit a museum. At night, spread out a blanket in the backyard, grab some hot cocoa and count the stars.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day a Week Late

If you insist on going out and buying a gift, wait until after the holiday is over. Roses, chocolate and other holiday goodies will be on sale. It is not free, but it is significantly cheaper. In addition, popular Valentine’s destinations will be much less crowded.

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