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Best Prices for Valentine’s Day Flowers: Find Great Deals on Floral Gifts This Valentine’s Day

Ordering flowers for a special person on Valentine’s Day has never been easier. A quick phone call or online order will ensure a beautiful bouquet. The choices, however, may be overwhelming. Use this quick guide to find the right style of flowers at an affordable price.

Best Deals on Valentine’s Day Flowers

A quick online search reveals some great deals on floral gifts this February. From florists to member-only super centers to specific credit cards, many can get in on the best prices.

  • ProFlowers now offers a floral bouquet of one hundred Peruvian lillies for $19.99, and the vase is free. Or any order over $29.99, promo code CUPID25, also gets the buyer 25% off. Use this offer to get one dozen roses and a free vase for just over $22.
  • Teleflora is offering $10 off their Valentine’s Day floral designs. Starting at $19.99, there are many arrangements to suit all budgets.
  • FTD has cut prices by 40% on its site. For $19.99, buyers can get a flower bouquet and a box of chocolates.
  • 1-800 Flowers.com has free shipping on all of its flowers and bouquets. Click on the link at the top of its page to see special radio and television offers.
  • Many credit card companies offer discounts on flowers. For Discover card customers, a 20% discount is available at 1-800 Flowers, FTD.com, ProFlowers and Teleflora. All ordering must be done online through the ShopDiscover website.
  • Costco members can also order Valentine’s Day flowers online. Their current offer is three dozen roses with baby’s breath and a vase for $64.99. BJ’s Wholesale Club has $7 off its gift box, which includes 27 red roses, hypericum berries, glass vase and hydrating bag. Cost is $72.99 and includes shipping. Sam’s Club offers members one dozen roses for $58 with shipping included.

Non-Floral Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Flowers are not the only choice to surprise a special Valentine. Chocolate and pajamas are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Consider an edible floral arrangement made of fruit dipped in chocolate. Edible Delights offers a wide array of Valentine’s Day gifts including a bouquet of strawberries dipped in chocolate or a box of berry chocolate roses. They Edible can match balloons and stuffed teddy bears to their creations for a complete gift. Orders can be delivered, or picked up in certain locations. Using promotional code “LOVE0215” gets the buyer an additional $5 off the total cost, but that offer only lasts until February 5, 2010. Check its website for additional offers.

For those who believe that chocolates trump flowers in the romantic gift giving department, Godiva.com will ship orders over $50 free, but it also offers a wide variety of gifts under $25. If the recipient needs to avoid nuts or other major food allergens, see Nut -Free Chocolates for details on where to order delicious and safe chocolates.

The PajamaGram company specializes in sleepwear for that special Valentine. It also offers a “Guys Guide for Ordering” for men who are unsure how to order pajamas for a woman. Size and style are fully explained with an opportunity to engage in a live chat to find just the right gift. All pajamas come with free gift packaging.

With just a few keystrokes, romantics everywhere will be well on their way to purchasing a remarkable Valentine’s Day gift. Take advantage of the numerous specials offered this time of year and choose a budget-friendly present to say “I Love You” to a special someone.

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