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A Scrapbook to Wow Your Valentine: A Truly Romantic Gesture for Valentine’s Day

Candy, flowers, jewelry—these Valentine’s Day staples can seem a bit stale to those seeking something more personal to commemorate a special romance. A Valentine’s Day scrapbook is a unique gift that doesn’t have to take a long time to put together.Keep Your Romantic Scrapbook SimpleDon’t be intimidated by the scrapbooking infomercials that populate late-night TV and promote reams of paper, decals, and special equipment. Those fortunate to have the time and craft supplies can go all out, but the point of this gift is the romantic memories, not the quality of the paper or lettering. Gather Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day ScrapbookFirst, spend some time listing special events. These can include especially memorable nights out, trips, or anniversaries (whether first date or first decade). Then gather mementos—anything from takeout menus and chopstick wrappers to glossy photos and love letters. List words, too, that describe your valentine and your relationship—these can be hand-lettered or printed and placed around the visual images that fill the scrapbook’s pages.The scrapbook can be a loose “potpourri” of memories, sentiments, and images, or it can center on a theme. Themes can include a chronological romance “timeline”, shared passions like the outdoors or antiquing, or they can feature a visual style (like vintage Valentine’s Day cupids or lace hearts).

Gathering Images for a Romantic Valentine’s Day ScrapbookFor those who haven’t saved many photos or mementos, an Internet search and a printer, or a library search and a photocopier, can do wonders. Look for photos or Internet images of ski lodges, tropical islands, campus hangouts—whatever best captures the places where romance blossomed. For example, a boyfriend who first kissed his valentine under the famous arch in Washington Square, New York can easily download an image of the monument. A photo of the couple beneath it, perhaps some paper hearts on the corners, can round out the romantic look. Those who can sketch or paint their own images have a unique edge that should be used to full advantage.While a scrapbook may not be the glitziest or costliest gift available, the heartfelt creative effort adds up to a truly romantic gift sure to be treasured by your valentine.

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